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And Then There Was Always You…

And then there was always you
In your home, by my side
Meeting for the first time
Cute, shy, mesmerising beauty!

And then there was always you
On the stage, by my side
Taking vow to be together
Happy, sad, mixed emotions!

And then there was always you
On the sofa, by my side
Watching those romantic movies
Smiling, laughing, crying hard!

And then there was always you
In the kitchen, by my side
Cooking those delicious dishes
Tasteless, brittle, burnt rotis!

And then there was always you
Under the bedsheets, by my side
Creating those soulful memories
Fighting, cuddling, making love!

And then there was always you
In the hospital, by my side
Making my last days count
Loving, caring, wishing more!

And then there was always you
In the photo, by my side
Hanging on the living room wall
Old, adorable, perfect couple!

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            I have always feared only one thing in my life – to be abandoned by my master. Like all my friends who were thrown into the dustbin after 3 or 4 rides, I knew my life was supposed to be short and that I’d eventually be discarded. But not yet. It was all because of Ravi – my master who loved me so much that he never let anyone touch me let alone playing with me. I was one of his all time favourites.

            Ravi was 3 years old when I was born – not actually born – I was built. Somewhere in the middle of March 2009, Ravi had gone to the ‘Sharanabasaveshwar Jatra‘ with his parents. It was just then he was getting to understand the world and was more enthusiastic about things. He saw this airplane toy in the Jatra and liked it so much that he wanted it at any cost. But his parents didn’t buy him that. No matter what happened. He couldn’t do anything. What could he have done? He just cried and screamed and fought with them and what not. But, his parents stood firm. He was  just a 3 year old kid, they should have bought him that toy. They didn’t.

            It was then his twelve year old brother, Manju, took his side. No! He didn’t fight his parents for him and he could never have bought him that toy. Whatever he did next gave birth to me. He tore a paper from one of his books and folded it into a perfect shape and gave thrust and threw me in the air. That was it. My first ride. Ravi was mesmerized by my beauty and my elegance – the way I flew in the air. He stopped crying and started to clap his hands in amusement. That gave me more energy to stay afloat in the air for more time. As I revolved around him before coming to a safe halt before him, the happiness had spread all over the place like a forest fire. It really did. Ravi was happy. I was happy seeing him happy.

            Maybe, that’s the reason Ravi never bothered to get rid off me. He has also given me a name. My name is Vayu. He has always kept me in his compass box and takes me to his school. He is 6 year old now and studies in 1st standard of his schooling. He has always been grateful to me for spreading happiness all around and I’ve always been grateful to him for not abandoning me. That’s how we have been together for the last 3 years.

This is my story. What’s yours?

With love,

Vayu – The Paper Plane

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Are You The Same Girl?

Are you the same girl,
Who used to be dad’s little
Princess, and mom’s little angel?

Are you the same girl,
Who used to make her brother
Cry, and cry with him?

Are you the same girl,
Who used to share her chocolates
With her best friend and none else?

Are you the same girl,
Who used to be called
Mature at the age of eight?

Are you the same girl,
Who used to laugh at the
Silliest jokes of her boyfriend?

Are you the same girl,
Whose smile made someone’s day
And whose cry broke someone’s heart?

You don’t look the same girl,
You are not the same girl.
You’re not smiling, nor are you crying.
You’re not sad, nor are you happy.

Where have you gone?
Where’s your beautiful smile?
Where’s the dad’s li’l princess?
And where’s the mom’s li’l angel?

What has happened to you?
Are you crushed by that criminal?
Or are you smashed by that brutal crime?
Tell me, where can I find the same girl again?

P.S. This was written a long time ago. 🙂

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To you, Laxmi Akka…

To start with – you’re the best-est sister in the world. We’ve been together for more than 22yrs but it feels so less time. And I’m just the most luckiest brother in the world. Well, not just me. Even Mallu Anna, Pavi, Manju, Eshu, Ravi, Chimni – all are so much lucky to have you as the eldest of us. We love you all, to moon and back.

I still remember that BSA Ladybird cycle. When you were teaching me how to ride it, you’d run behind me to make sure that I shouldn’t fall.

I still remember my first and only prize I got in those school projects – the book on ‘The Nobel Prize Winners in Economics.’ It was all ‘coz of you. It was just the Kannada version of your English project on ‘The Places of Historical Importance in Karnataka’. You did all of it. And I just accepted the prize – that’s all.

Well, when I think about projects one dialogue comes to my mind – ‘Akka, first page maadkodu re’. This was all of ours dialogue and every single time you did it for us.

And then there were those trips, pani-puri sessions, those mood swings of yours(really! Your mood swings are very hard to deal with).

And those late night chats in your room – whether it was the last room when were in the ground floor or be it the central room after we shifted upstairs. That room is always yours.

Oh! How could I forget this. You have always been my designer. All the dresses I have are selected by you, Kaki and Pavi and they are always awesome. How do you do that? I hope you don’t mind selecting dresses for me even after you are off to your husband’s. 😉

And coming to the point that you’re going to live with your husband now. Chetan mama is an amazing guy. He’ll never let you miss us. He such a guy – he’ll keep you happie for the rest of your life – don’t you worry about that.

And if you do miss us, we’re not too far away. Just a call and we’ll be there. 

Lastly, I want you to remember this – we’ve loved you for so long, we love you now at present, and we’ll love you forever and more.

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Rowing across…

​Rowing across the cloudy sky
I found solace in your arms.
You rose up like the scintillating sun
And melt my soul with your charm.

Rushing were mixed emotions
Out of my wrecked heart.
Your love so pure
Meliorated my heart.

Addicted to your angelic smile
Never did I let your memories drain.
Just those dimples on your cheeks
Oh dear! They always drive me insane.

One thought of you that struck
Revived my feelings suppressed so long.
Always did I believe we’d be forever
Nay! I never knew I’d be so wrong.

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Look at the stars…

​Look at the stars.

Then, close your eyes.

Sink into your dreams.

Calm yourself to nullity.

Let it go.

Let everything go.

And then turn your head around.

Look at her.

She’s lying next to you.

Look into her eyes.

There you’ll find beauty.

There you’ll find love.

And then you’ll be lost.

Lost into the whirlpool of her eyes.

There you’ll be alone.

In that loneliness you’ll get clarity.

Clarity of thought.

Clarity of life.

Now open your eyes.


She’s gone.

She has faded away into memories.

And now you’ve found yourself.

Your inner self.

You do not need anything else.

You do not need anybody.

And here’s the new beginning.

A new beginning to the quest.

The quest of driving towards your destiny.

And here you’re.

One step at a time.

To the creation yourself.

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The War…

​In front of the mirror she was sitting,

Looking at the most beautiful girl of the world,

The Queen of her small kingdom,

Waiting for her King, her Mister to come.

Wait has been since long,

But at last the time had come.

She was so happie,

She was utterly overjoyed.

Then the phone rang,

Her heart started pounding.

“The wait is over”, she thought,

And ran towards the phone.

As she attended the call,

Her smile disappeared,

Her face became pale,

And her eyes, full of tears.

In a moment, the phone was

Down on the earth,

And so was she.

She couldn’t believe what

She had heard.

That was the end

When it had just begun.

The war had eaten away

Her mister, alive.

He was no more a person.

He lay there, dead.

The war had taken away

His life, and her future.